Prepping for Spring- What’s In My Car Bag

At Home, For Kids / Wednesday, March 13th, 2019


Spring is in the air! Ah, finally. If you follow along here, you know that I actually love snow, and love winter, but man, this winter has really made it tough to love. Spring is probably one of the busiest times of year for us. The boys start new classes and sports, and we have had cabin fever for so long, any opportunity to get outside into nature we take! With having 2 boys, I have learned to always be prepared (perhaps that’s why it’s the BOY scout motto?). One thing we love to do as a family is visit different parks in our area. We are blessed to live in an area surrounded by amazing parks, playgrounds and tons to do outside. There are many times that we are out running errands and I decide to stop and let the boys play at the park, or we stop and grab lunch and eat it at the playground. I have also learned through the years that the more work I have to do to prep for an outing, the less likely I am to actually do it. If I have everything we are going to need already packed and in the car, those “on a whim” trips are no big deal. If I have to spend my morning packing and preparing, those trips aren’t going to happen as often.

On a normal day throughout the year, my car will always have a change of clothes for each kid, a pack of baby wipes (I keep these in my purse in the winter so they don’t dry out), our Potette Plus travel potty and liners, and during the winter months extra hats, gloves and blankets for the kids. Once Spring hits, however, I add what we call the “Car Bag”. The bag itself has changed from year to year, as have the contents, but the theme remains the same: Anything We May Need for Warm Weather. I will share with you our SPRING Car Bag contents. We add a few more things in the Summer (swimming related items mostly). Without further ado, I will share with you my Car Bag contents.

Old Towel

This is probably the most used item in our bag. The old towel’s use is mostly to dry off playground equipment. There are a lot of mornings that we are the first to arrive at the playground and if it has rained or morning dew has set in, everything is wet. We use the towel to dry off the slides and swings, then lay the towel out to dry while the kids play, and wash it when we get home. The old towel has also helped when the kids are wet or muddy to help clean them up before they get in the car.


This one’s pretty self explanatory. Just be cautious when leaving sunscreen in the car so the heat or cold don’t ruin it.

Sidewalk Chalk

We just added this last year. Lots of the parks that we go to have sidewalks and parking lots that all of the kids like to decorate with chalk, so we added some to our bag so our kids can participate, too. We buy the chalk that comes in its own container to keep it from getting all over everything in the bag.

Extra Clothes/Play Shoes/Extra Socks

This one is also pretty self explanatory. In Spring, everything always seems to be wet and muddy, even when it’s a beautiful day outside. Kids + Mud = Mess, so if we happen to stop at a park that’s muddy, I will have the kids change into their play shoes. If their clothes get dirty or their socks get wet, they will have extras to change into as well.

Sand Toys

One of the boys’ favorite parks has a sand pit that runs through it, so with sand comes sand toys. I was constantly forgetting to put them in the car before we would go, so they became a permanent addition to the Car Bag. We rinse them off in the park’s hose and it keeps the mess out of my car.

First Aid Kit



Spring in Indiana is weird. It may be cold and snowy one day, and the next day its sunny and you’re getting a sunburn if you’re not careful. I keep extra baseball hats in the bag for those sunny days that the boys need one.

There you have it- my Car Bag. I would love to tell you that I’ve never gotten somewhere with the kids and forgotten something or not had something that I’ve needed, but unfortunately that’s not true. However, the Car Bag has helped prevent that tremendously, and has DEFINITELY saved me a lot of time and frustration. Tell me- do you have a car bag? What are your must-haves for yours?