Made You Smile!

For Kids / Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

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If you have been following along, you know that Gymboree is our go-to for clothes for the boys. I was apprehensive when I heard they were coming out with an all new line. I rushed to check out the new line and products, and was instantly impressed. The comfort, softness and attention to detail in each piece were the first thing I noticed, and when I rushed to check out the jeans (which have always been a favorite for our boys) to see if they were still the quality we loved, I was not disappointed. They are still comfortable, soft, and most importantly- durable. Gymboree asked modern moms what they wanted most for their kids’ clothes, and boy did they deliver.

You know my oldest is dinosaur obsessed, so when he found the Jurassic World line, you know we had to get some pieces from it. He asks to wear the t-shirt pictured above all the time, so it is washed frequently, but still looks brand new. You can purchase this Jurassic World t-shirt here:

I love that I can purchase clothes for my boys that are not only stylish, durable and comfortable, but also clothes that they love to wear. Seeing them excited about what I bought them makes me smile. When I asked my oldest son what makes HIM smile, he told me that hanging out with his family and playing Legos makes him smile!

My youngest starts preschool in about a month! I don’t think I am ready for it. My oldest didn’t start preschool until he was 4 years old, but we decided to start my youngest at 3 for a few different reasons. I just keep thinking that he’s so little- how could I possibly just drop him off at SCHOOL?! He got to visit the school in May for a few days, and he didn’t miss a beat. While I am so nervous, he can’t wait. When I asked him what makes HIM smile, he told me that playing with his new friends at school makes him smile, which makes ME smile!

I am slowly starting to purchase the boys’ back to school/fall clothes and accessories, and have found a ton of stuff at Gymboree for my youngest. We live in the Midwest, so it (should) still be hot for a few more months, but I typically start purchasing Fall clothes in July since we have 2 boys to shop for. Plus, retail therapy makes me smile, and the longer I can drag it out the better! My youngest is typically very opinionated in what he wears, where my oldest is more concerned about comfort and the graphics on his tees. I have been dying over the style options for both boys for Fall. Isn’t this the cutest outfit for preschool?! Head over to Gymboree to check out the new line. It’s bound to MAKE YOU SMILE!