Life in the Indiana Suburbs

Articles for Her / Thursday, July 19th, 2018

With the exception of 2 years we lived in Jacksonville, Florida for work, I have lived in Indiana my whole life. I started off in the city, and we moved to the country when I was in 6th grade. Once I graduated, I moved to the ‘burbs, about 20 minutes north of Indianapolis, and have stayed here ever since. Life in Indiana has never seemed dull to me, despite it’s stereotype. Ever heard the slogan “there’s more than corn in Indiana”?

One thing I love about living in the suburbs of Indianapolis is the fact that from my house I have any amenity I could ever need or want nearby, while being a short drive from a major city, while still maintaining that “small town” feel. My son’s school is surrounded by cornfields, and I LOVE that we have such a diverse option of scenery. We get the conveniences of the city while still getting the best schools and less traffic.

View from my son’s school’s playground

When you hear “suburbs” you typically think of the Stepford wives, driving their mini vans with the soccer balls in the back and stick figure decals across the back window. You probably think of identical houses, mailboxes, and nosey old ladies watching out their front window to collect all the gossip to share at their old ladies’ club and the rest of the neighborhood. Some may even associate the suburbs with women shopping at Target in their yoga pants, drinking their $5 Starbucks latte and buying the latest gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo organic food. If this is how you picture the suburbs….you are absolutely, positively correct (minus the mini van and stick figure decals for me, because, well, I just don’t get down like that). I am never one to try to “sell” someone on the suburbs. The suburbs aren’t for everyone, but the stereotype of the suburbs is getting old. Why is it bad thing that I like long romantic walks down the aisles of Target, sipping my $5 latte in my yoga pants alone? All jokes aside, the Indy suburbs are much like other suburbs, but we have SO MUCH to do! Two of our surrounding suburb cities have been named top cities to live in the COUNTRY. Carmel, Indiana was named TOP place to live in the country. Carmel probably gets the worst of the “suburb bashing”, but they’re clearly doing SOMETHING right.

Yes, we live in a stereotypical suburban house and neighborhood.


A benefit to where we live is that we are within 20-30 minutes of multiple other suburban cities, as well as downtown Indianapolis, so there is always something to do. I love that my kids get to grow up with a membership to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and The Indianapolis Zoo, while also having the free amenities that the cities own, such as the splash pads, multiple playgrounds, indoor playgrounds and events. While I would love to live in the city again someday, right now we are right where we are supposed to be. Home.


The brown bear is my favorite exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo.


Colts fans through and through.

A trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a must in May.