First Time Garden- How Did I Do?

At Home / Wednesday, July 4th, 2018


I have never been one to have a green thumb. Indoor plants, flowers, outdoor plants, trees…you name it and if I was in charge of keeping it alive to thrive, it would die. When we purchased our new house, one of our selling points was the yard. Our old house was on a hill, a corner lot and had very weird, unusable outdoor space. We wanted somewhere for the kids to play, a fenced in yard, and I was bound and determined that I was going to grow my own vegetables!

This year was our first attempt at a garden. I read a ton of gardening blogs, studied up on what type of plants did best in our backyard “conditions”, and gave it a go. We decided to start with a raised bed next to our deck. My husband built our raised beds because I couldn’t find what I was wanting (as usual-I always get these visions in my head of what I want and then can’t find them, so they usually end up having to be custom made- he loves that- ha). They are lined with black landscaping fabric to keep the weeds out, and so far it has done it’s job! As you can see, I decided to be a dare devil and did not put up any fencing or covering and “see what happened”. We have both dogs who took some training to keep out at first since the beds are right off of our deck, but other than them, we haven’t had any issues. We have a HEAVY rabbit population in our area, but purchased a rabbit and deer repellent spray and sprayed it around our big backyard fence, and it has seemed to keep them out of our yard.

I started broccoli, strawberries and peppers in containers indoors this spring, and only 1 strawberry plant survived enough to be transplanted into the ground. I planted salad spinach, green beans, green onions and onions from seed. The spinach has done great and I am pulling our first sprouts off of it now, and our green bean plants have taken over. From what I read, onions were supposed to be the “easiest” and they honestly haven’t done great. We have a few onion plants that have sprouted, but not nearly as many as were planted. I should, however, have enough green onions ready to use them in the cream cheese roll-ups I am making for our next cookout (if you haven’t seen this recipe, you can find it on the blog).

Green Onions/ Onions

We filled our raised beds with organic garden soil from Costco, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It seems to have done it’s job without adding all the chemicals. I have not added any type of fertilizer, pesticide or insecticide, and have not had any issues with bugs (fingers crossed). I water every evening, and have pretty much just left it to do it’s thing! Overall, I would call my first attempt at a garden a success, but I have not successfully harvested anything yet, so stay tuned- haha!

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Salad Spinach

Green Beans



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