DIY: Kid Canvas

For Kids / Friday, July 20th, 2018

I am a sucker for a super simple DIY. I am an even bigger sucker for a super simple DIY that’s also super cheap. Add in the fact that I can include the kids without pulling my hair out AND it can be doubled as a thoughtful gift and I’m SOLD. While shopping at the Dollar Tree for another DIY (coming soon, stay tuned), we found these awesome paint canvases. I’ve been trying to find new things to keep the boys entertained this summer, and they both seem to really love painting. I figured I would let the boys paint these or something, threw them in the cart and continued our shopping. The boys came home and were dying to unwrap the canvas and paint them. When we unwrapped them, they were surprisingly better quality than I was expecting for $1, and I started to get an idea, which has prompted this post.

This DIY was super simple, fun for the kids, and cost $1 each (plus paint used). I began thinking ahead to Christmas, and how these could be tailored to any holiday, or would make an AWESOME gift for a grandparent, aunt, uncle or teacher. You could purchase multiple canvases per kid and line them up for an afternoon of fun. This time I let the boys pick whatever color they wanted, but you could choose the colors yourself to keep a color scheme if you wanted.

The canvas is going to have 3 “layers” of paint- the first layer will be your child’s painting (let your child paint/decorate as they wish), the second layer will be your child’s footprint (these canvases aren’t that big, so we opted for 1 foot-if you have an older child with a bigger foot, a larger canvas may be needed), and the third layer will be your child’s hand print (opposite of the footprint).

*Tips: We use ONLY Crayola products. Ever. I have had many clothes, shoes, furniture, etc ruined from other brands that I only allow Crayola in the house. Even if they claim to be washable, I don’t chance it. Paper plates make great paint palates! We did 1 “layer” a day, let that dry, and added the next “layer” the next day. This ensures each layer is completely dry before starting the next.

Painting their own designs.

I used a larger paint brush to paint the bottoms of their feet (and hands for the 3rd layer).

Layer 2

Final product!