My Favorite Things- My Top 5 Must-Haves at Costco

Reviews / Thursday, March 8th, 2018

This is NOT a sponsored post. I love Costco. Like, I’m obsessed. We didn’t get a Costco membership until my attempts at breastfeeding failed with my youngest (now 3) and a friend told us that their formula was the best deal, and obviously the most convenient, since the cans would last us a lot longer. The first year of our membership was mostly a quick in and out to buy formula, with an occasional stop at their awesome snack bar for a pizza or hot dog. I began researching what everyone else was buying there, and decided to make a trip without the kids or husband, and really dig into the products and prices. My husband laughs at me, because no matter where we are, I can spout off the prices I pay for things- “we pay $1.69 for that same bread at Kroger”. For whatever reason, this is something my brain retains (yet I sometimes forget why I walked upstairs), but it does come in handy while shopping at new places! Another thing I kept into consideration was the things we were going through quickly, and what would be worth taking up the space to store the larger boxes and packages. We were living in a house without a lot of storage in the kitchen, and were already busting at the seams with the addition of the new baby, so anything I bought in bulk needed to be something that we would go through fairly quickly, or something that was genuinely worth buying. I found that the Costco prices were comparable to the sale prices at our local grocery store in some items, but WAY cheaper in others. I found that a lot of the Kirkland brand (Costco’s store brand) items were better quality than some of the national name brands, and the selection of items at Costco was amazing. We slowly started trying new things each time we went, and now, 3 years later, I make a large monthly trip to Costco and about 50% of our food comes from there. In fact, almost all of our “staples” are from there. Since we are in the new house now, we have more room to store bulk packaging, and now that my youngest is 3, we go through lots of snacks with 2 growing boys in the house!

I plan on doing a Costco haul video on my You Tube channel VERY soon (I’m hoping for my Easter haul since we are hosting this year), but decided to share with you my top 5 FAVORITE things to buy at Costco. I may do some more articles on different things I purchase at Costco, but these items are my FAVORITE, not necessarily the best deal (although all of them are priced comparably). These are items we go exclusively to Costco for, and cannot be found in our local grocery store. It was hard to narrow it down to just 5 (I came home and realized I had photographed a lot more items), so I will probably make another post on Costco again soon!









Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

These are priced at $8.99 in our store for 36 ounces. Let me just tell you, if there was a support group for people addicted to these things, my husband and I would need it. They are SO good. I can’t even describe to you how amazing these are. My advice to you is to buy them when you know you will have people over to share them with, or package some of them up and take them to your neighbors or friends. You won’t be able to stop eating them!

Kirkland Signature French Brie

As you can see by the price tag, this is an AWESOME deal for this large of a container of brie. However, this is not only a good deal, but this is one of those Kirkland gems. It’s delicious. I like to make apple slices and brie sandwiches with this, or I also like to use it to make these yummy brie bites with crescent rolls.

Kirkland Signature Spiral Ham (or any of their meat, really)

I told my mom that I was writing this article, and she informed me that I HAVE to include this ham in my post. I took her with me to Costco a few weeks ago, and she picked up one of these hams. I have heard about how amazing this ham is at least 3 times from both her and my dad, so it must be good! I am personally not a ham person, but I buy most of my ground beef and steaks from Costco and they’re SO GOOD. I buy the big ground beef packages and separate it and freeze, and we do the same with steaks. The prices are cheaper than you can get at our local grocery store, too!

Kirkland Signature Create-A-Size Paper Towels- 12 rolls with 160 sheets

I’m a super paper towel snob. Paper towels are one of those things that I hate to buy, but will not buy poor quality, so I was spending a small fortune on the name brands at the grocery store. I also felt like I was having to buy them constantly. I discovered these Costco paper towels and voila! problem solved. These are THE best quality paper towels I have ever tried, and priced at $15.69 at our store, they’re also a steal. The best part? One package of these typically lasts me a few months!

Jones Dairy Farm Sausage Patties 3.5 lb bag

Disclaimer- you may be able to buy the smaller bags at your local grocery store, but they don’t sell them at ours. These are already cooked, frozen sausage patties. I know what you’re thinking- yuck- and I thought the same thing until we had these on sample in the store and BOTH my picky eater children begged me to buy them. These are a quick and easy go-to breakfast item that my kids ask for daily. With a 3.5 lb bag, I don’t have to buy them very often, so I love the simplicity. My only PSA on this one is to heat them on a skillet on the stove, not the microwave.


There you have it! I know this got super long winded, but can you tell I’m passionate about Costco?! Comment below with your favorite Costco items! I am always interested in trying new things! Have you seen something at Costco that you’re curious about but don’t want to try it yourself? Comment with it below and if our store has it, I will put it to the test with my super picky kids and husband!

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