Christmas Wreath Dollar Tree DIY

Uncategorized / Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Our next post in our Holiday Prep series is a super simple DIY wreath- made from all materials from The Dollar Tree. Let me be the first to tell you-  I am NOT a crafty person. At all. Like, AT ALL. Seriously. The benefit to this for all of you is that means the crafts I will do and share with you will be 1) Super simple, 2) Worth the time to do them and 3) Budget friendly.

For this wreath, I used the following supplies from Dollar Tree:

  • pool noodle
  • garland (3- 15 ft rolls)
  • 1/2 tube of tree ornaments
  • hot glue gun (not from Dollar tree, but found a great deal at Walmart)
  • reindeer glitter decor

First thing you want to do is secure the pool noodle into a circle shape. For this, I used box tape, but any wide tape will work. If you want an extra large wreath, you could combine 2 pool noodles and just double your garland and decor. For my wreath, I only used 1 pool noodle.

Next you want to wrap your garland around the noodle. I used the foam noodle to my advantage and poked the end of the garland into the foam and started wrapping, being careful not to leave any holes.

Once your garland is completely wrapped around your noodle base, you are ready to start decorating. I used Dollar Tree ball ornaments that came in a pack of 12, but you could also use extra ornaments you have at home, or the Dollar Tree has TONS of cute ornaments to choose from as well! My favorite part about this craft is you can really make it your own.

Your next step is to start gluing your decorations to your wreath. With the ball ornaments, I found they stuck better when I glued a straight line almost all the way down.

Once you have finished gluing your decorations, let it dry and voila! You are done! You could also add some lights, ribbon or bows for an extra festive look, or it is super cute as-is!