About Me


Hi! I'm Heather, owner of Suburban Boy Mom. I am a wife, mom of 2 boys, and blogger who lives in the Indianapolis suburbs.

My mission is to create a one stop shop for women in all seasons of life to come to be inspired. Whether you're into recipes, DIYs, insights into my crazy life raising 2 boys, or home, fashion and skin care inspiration, this is the stop for you!

I worked in a corporate setting pretty much right out of high school. I was blessed with promotions and opportunities that were unheard of for someone my age, and that ego boost kept me going for 8 1/2 years with my first company, and another 2 in another. One day I realized that I was tired of working for someone else's dream. The jobs I was working were not my dream, they were not bringing me any closer to MY dream, and I was drowning in attempting to juggle the balls of motherhood, someone else's work schedule and having a real life of my own, all while trying to create this dream for myself. I became a full time Stay at Home Mom when I got pregnant with my youngest, and the plans for Suburban Boy Mom were created shortly after.

I am super passionate about skin care, coffee, and my dogs (who you will see featured on my IG a LOT). I enjoy long walks alone through the aisles of Target, with my iced skinny vanilla latte, rockin out a graphic tee with some sort of witty saying. Sunglasses are my signature accessory staple, and my youngest son has quickly picked this one up as well. I enjoy trash reality tv after the kids have gone to bed (Bachelor, anyone?) and my drink of choice is wine or tequila on the rocks. I am a recovering Diet Coke addict, and I love brunch and exploring local restaurants, and am very passionate about shopping small businesses whenever  possible.